3464 W 52nd St, Unit #1, Cleveland, OH 44102 4Bedroom 1Bath


Nice 4 bed room, 1 bathroom unit in a 3 family house.

Renting for $1000.00

here is a high volume of applicants for this property.

Any adult(18yrs+) that will be staying at the residence is REQUIRED to apply.

Application fee is $50. (non-refundable & background IS check included)

Current home inspections/walkthroughs ARE REQUIRED in order to be approved for residency.

We ask that only those who are rent ready apply (i.e. security deposit, first month's rent)

If you are enrolled in any programs, please ensure that your voucher is applicable. (i.e. This is a 3-bedroom unit. If you do not have a 3-bedroom voucher minimum, you would not be approved for this unit.


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